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Sep 2, 2009 - Neolithic Burial

Its impossible to walk this beautiful countryside and not be at peace with yourself. The vistas are repetitively captivating and seemingly also at peace. Dry stone walls, painstakingly hand built over generations, are often host to opportunistic bright green mosses, whilst the woods of beech and the meadows scattered with birches harbour deer, hare, rabbits, foxes and a variety of birds. Wild flowers poke their way through the grasses with bumble bees going about their daily harvest as colourful butterflies dance across the commons in the...

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Jul 28, 2009 - Bourton on the water - The Cotswolds

Today was had a leisurely start, taking in Bath for an hour then onto our train, another train and bus to Bourton-on-the-water. Our host picked us up and took us to our lovely home for the night. there are flowers ablast her making it a very pretty town. It would be even better if it wereñ´t for the 6 bus loads of toursits crammed in. We elected to go out of town a little to a model town built in the 1930´s to keep the stonemason bust and out of trouble. This was the depression, and my are they talented. It is an exact replica of how the...

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Sep 18, 2008 - Day 20 – Thursday 18 September – Warwick Castle

Day 20 – Thursday 18 September – Warwick Castle After 2 nights of comfort at Shane and Dianne’s (great hosts – thanks a million guys) we headed on an exciting 3 hour drive from Bath we arrived at Warwick Castle. I say exciting because of all of the traffic jams, missed exits, iffy Navman directions and four lanes of traffic all doing 80 miles per hour. We survived but it was time to find relaxation and not drive for a while. Warwick Castle is fabulous. The castle has been fitted out to make it more interactive. There are a huge amount of...

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Sep 17, 2008 - Day06 Bath#3 & Cotswalds#1

Chasing Pigs Clover Pig, Flying Pig, or Roman Pig … did we find and photograph the most? Georgia: Up until our last minute in Bath we were chasing pigs all around town. The pigs were made from moulded plastic or something and were decorated in different ways by local artists. The whole 100 pigs all have different designs and textures. They were all so bright and colourful, I loved them. Every pig was individual and strange. It got me thinking of what kind of animal we could have for Ballarat. In Search of Jane Standing out in Bath is easy...

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