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Aug 4, 2005 - Chips, Castles, and Noddy (and lack of photos)

We are now in Yorkshire! We don't have internet access from our cottage, so we have found a cafe where we can access it for a short time. Our last days in Royal Tunbridge Wells were very nice as we continued to "play house" at the Fenbys'. We enjoyed their big kitchen and all their cool kitchen gadgets -- a great improvement from those little corner things we had in Paris. I went through their cookbooks and made Toad in the Hole, which is sausages cooked into yorkshire pudding. Yummy! Also, one night Tim and I walked down to the local Fish...

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Jul 6, 2005 - Buxton to Whitby

After checking out of the Sevenways this morning, we walked around Buxton a bit. It is a surprising little town with an apparently thriving arts community. They even have a Theatre Fringe Festival, which was gearing up to start on Friday the 8th. There were banners going up and barriers, and a trailer with a sign reading "Festival Office and Information." As I mentioned in one of the photo captions, there is also an opera house and a Gilbert & Sullivan Museum. The town also has its own set of hot springs, which was developed into a spa in...

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Sep 16, 2004 - Mead country (Grandma Carter's forebears)

The group split again today. Bill walking, some on the steam train doing a hop on hop off trip, and a car full took the scenic route with a few doing the return trip on the steam train. The standard road map wasn't the best for the moors, but we knew the parameteres so couldn't get lost, but potentially could do more wandering then intended. On the way saw some pheasants and had a 'photo shoot' for Bevan. ALso saw some legal shooters, after grouse, not pheasants. It was the Grouse season so there was a large group of shooters and the...

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Sep 13, 2004 - Smugglers coast, fishing village, beautiful scenery AND Captain Cook country

TO add to my love of the moors, are the towns along the East coast of the North york Moors. We went to Whitby, Robin's Hood Bay and then onto Scarborough. All are fishing villages (Scarborough also a major holiday centre) all have steep streets with colourful houses on steep hillsides. Whitby: Captain Cook apprenticed here. We saw the attic where he boarded during his apprenticeship (How's that for excitement??) and his statue etc. THe best part was being able to imagine the Endeavour settting sail. AN intersting difference between Aust and...

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Jun 30, 2004 - Whitby

Next stop was Whitby, an old fishing and whaling village. Also where Bram Stoker got his inspiration to write Dracula. We went to the graveyard above the city (199 steps above)where Dracula bit Lucy. We stayed in a room above a pub on the main shopping street which was a little loud. Mostly because of the seagulls. There were so many. We were only there around 24 hours and our car was completely covered in seagull poo. But it really as a nice fishing town. Lots of old salty type fishermen wandering around. We've been doing a lot of...

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