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Mar 30, 2015 - Third

More testing from note2. Going to add a lot more irrelevant stuff to see how the word wrap functions. And here is a new paragraph just to see hoe it all shapes up in the finished product. Might not like any of it. We shall see.

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Oct 4, 2014 - close by

A cold front came through bringing autumnal temperatures and rain. We relaxed in the condo until the sun returned and headed to downtown Torquay. While its harbor was not as quaint as some we've seen, it boasts a ferris wheel, an attraction we got used to seeing in Japan where it seemed that every town had one. People sat enjoying the view, dining al fresco despite the cool winds. There are many ferries and scenic boat trips in this area and we had a long consult with a transport expert who sells a ticket combining trains, ferries and buses...

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Oct 1, 2014 - the second condo

When we first started planning this trip we weren't sure if there was enough to do in Cornwall to maintain our interest for a week. Now we know that we easily could have lingered, but reservations were already made and we had to move on. When we tried to phone our new landlord to get the key code, we discovered that the 10 pounds credit we had loaded the phone with had evaporated somehow. We couldn't put in more minutes via credit card without an account and we couldn't make an account without a local zip code. So we drove to a gas station,...

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Dec 21, 2010 - Great Must-Visit Cafes in Dorset

Your stay in one of the Dorset holiday cottages will guarantee you and your family of excellent self-catering accommodations and outstanding customer service. These holiday cottages also boast a pet-friendly atmosphere and ample parking spaces exclusively provided to guests who brought their own car with them. Also, these holiday cottages are equipped with state-of-the art facilities that will keep you comfortable all throughout your stay here. Dorset holiday cottages will bring you close to some of the finest tourist destinations in town....

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Dec 8, 2010 - Devon’s English and French Restaurants

There are many attractions that can be experienced in Devon; you need not to look far for an interesting place to visit from any of the Devon holiday cottages. Devon is a South Western English county that is known for its fabulous coastline and known worldwide as the English Riviera. Torquay is considered to be the queen among all of the towns in the English Riviera. If you are planning a visit to this popular town it is recommended that you stay at any of the Torquay holiday cottages. Devon holiday cottages and Torquay holiday cottages are...

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Dec 2, 2010 - Dorset Beaches Great for Family Picnics

A family beach getaway is an ideal way to spend the holidays in Dorset and most especially Torquay holidays. This South Western region of England is known as the English Riviera and family picnics in the sand are great ways for families to bond and spend the day at the beach. With more than a hundred beaches to choose from tourists on Torquay holidays will find it hard to find the ideal family spot to have their picnics. Most beaches are conducive to family get-togethers and there are some particular beach areas to consider in order for...

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Nov 29, 2010 - Devon and Torquay’s Glorious Castles

Your home is your castle as the saying goes and while visiting this great county of Devon holiday cottages are considered home to a majority of tourists. Devon and Torquay are not only known for the fabulous coast lines but are also areas with a number of spectacular castles that are both historic and awesome. Torquay holiday cottages are fantastic and spacious accommodations for groups and families planning their vacation to visit the different ancient castles of the region. Devon holiday cottages and Torquay holiday cottages are...

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Nov 29, 2010 - Great Beach Destinations in Devon and Torquay

Vacationers can only achieve a complete beach holiday experience by staying at Torquay holiday cottages and Devon holiday cottages during their English Riviera visit. There are more than hundreds of beaches and rustic coves to choose from in the Devon county area. Torquay is considered to be the Queen of the English Riviera due to the impeccable quality of its coastline. Miles and miles of golden sand and shingle mesmerize guests, which make it one of the most sought after beach destinations in the United Kingdom. Torquay holiday cottages...

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Nov 22, 2010 - Adventurous Cycling and Walking Trips during Your Holidays in Dorset

Dorset is an awesome coastal place that can offer visitors lots of alternative sports and activities. Your Torquay holidays will be spent well with healthy and fruitful adventures you can engage in when on your holidays in Dorset. Two of these popular healthy activities are cycling and walking. There are still several sports that can ensure you a clean bill of health. Cycling Cycling is a healthy activity because it strengthens and tones your muscles and promotes good circulation preventing cardiovascular diseases. During your Torquay...

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Nov 15, 2010 - Finest Family Restaurants in Torquay

Perhaps food is something that you will always look forward to during your Torquay holidays. Just like in any other getaways, trying out different restaurants is a great activity that the family will truly enjoy during your grand Torquay holidays. Near holiday cottages in town are the finest dining areas where you can treat the whole family to a sumptuous lunch or dinner. Because your luxurious and self-catering holiday cottages are situated within close proximity to great restaurants and major attractions, you will be able to visit a...

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Nov 9, 2010 - Must-Visit Attractions in Dorset

The first thing you should do while planning your holidays in Dorset is to book one of the holiday cottages. Even if you are planning your Torquay holidays, you should book one of the spacious holiday cottages. The holiday cottages are perfect for families with children. There are several holiday cottages located in Dorset and Torquay, so you will not be limited to choose from only a few. If you are planning on taking your pet along with you, the pet-friendly holiday cottages will suit you best. Here are some tips you can use during your...

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Nov 2, 2010 - Must-Try Indian Restaurants in Torquay

You will never have a dull moment during your stay in one of the holiday cottages in Torquay. These holiday cottages will give you easy access to the major tourist destinations in the area. You have plenty of options during your Torquay holidays. There are several places to visit, people to meet and activities to try during your Torquay holidays. But, one of the most important elements of any holidays is food. If you want to try authentic Indian cuisine during your Torquay holidays, then you must try these two restaurants near your holiday...

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