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Mar 3, 2013 - Marathon Traffic

Shortly after 6AM I drove the four miles south on hwy 29 to St Helena to pick up a gallon of milk and the Sunday paper, the traffic headed north was one continuous line of cars and buses headed to Calistoga for the 26.2 mile marathon from Calistoga to Napa along the Silverado Trail. Most of our campers pulled out this morning so I had a lot of campsites and fire pits to clean, the rest of the day I continued to knock down the gravel pile and spreading it around the second level bathrooms near our place.

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Mar 1, 2013 - Never Ending Chore

Had three wild turkey hens come strutting down the road this morning right past the front of the coach. Already used up over a third of the gravel doing the upper bathroom and drive way entrances. Wrapped a few more bundles of wood so should have about thirty going into the weekend

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Feb 28, 2013 - Call Me Doc

After my morning rounds I went into St Helena to rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner after doing our coach I went over to Don and Marti's and did their also. Now that I've operated a Rug Doctor doe's that make me a doctor? We were going to go up to Red Rock Casino with Don and Marti and have dinner there but Don wasn't feeling to good and it was a good thing we didn't go because around 4PM Mary said she wasn't feeling well either. Got started at using up some of the gravel to repair campsite driveway entries. When I took the carpet cleaner...

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Feb 27, 2013 - Our Marriage Is Still Intact

We've had three bobcat sightings in the last week and one of them has decided that the gravel walkway up to #26 yurt is his personal litter box. Mary went into Calistoga to do laundry this morning while I got some chores done around the coach, one of which was dumping and flushing the tanks. When I was flushing the black water tank I over filled it and ended up over flowing the toilet fortunately I had it cleaned up before Mary got home. This could have been a deal breaker but fortunately our marriage is still intact. This afternoon I got...

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Feb 26, 2013 - Felt Out Of Place

This morning we went into Napa to the social security office to get some forms for our insurance claims, the waiting room was full and I think we were the only ones there speaking English. Later we stopped at Sizzler for a light lunch and of course the last stop is WalMart so the ice cream won't melt before we get home. This afternoon they brought me ten yards of roadbed gravel to use around both bathrooms and some of the campsite entrances

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Feb 25, 2013 - Planning Ahead

Nothing new, chilly mornings with nice days Mary in the office and me running around the campground. I think I might put in as many miles a year behind the wheel of a golf cart as I do behind the wheel of the motor home. We plan to spend next winter in Texas so I sent off a couple of resumes to parks that we would like to work at for a few months next winter.

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Feb 23, 2013 - Came Home Winners

After making my morning rounds I shrink wrapped ten bundles of wood before Shane and Marquarida came in around 10AM. After our coffee break me, Shane and Margarida drove the twenty miles up a very twisting turning highway up past St. Helena through the Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park to the Twin Creek Casino. Mary stayed home because she had to work at the visitor center until 1PM and there is no way she could have handled all those curves without getting seriously car sick. I donated a few dollars to the slot machines but made up for it...

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Feb 22, 2013 - Plenty Of Projects

Mary had another busy day doing her bookkeeping and working the visitor center desk then running into St Helena for some groceries. I put in a full day of cleaning fire pits and hauling rocks and logs for my landscape projects, I should of spent the time shrink wrapping fire wood bundles. I did take an hour out for a practice session on the banjo my right hand picking is coming along well but I'm still struggling with the left hand co-ordination.

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Feb 21, 2013 - Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Hauled off a few wagon loads of tree bark from some downed redwood, maple and Douglas fir trees that I will be using for landscaping around the campground. A lot of the trees and shrubs in the park are starting to sprout new leaves. Other than a little rain on Tuesday the weather has been great and is looking the same for the next ten days, mid sixties during the day and mid thirties at night. Mary had three days of receipts to process but it has been pretty slow so she was finished and home by 1:00PM. Don, Marti, Bill and Sheila stopped by...

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Feb 20, 2013 - Busy Day Off

For a day off Mary was kept busy getting her hair cut, doing laundry, cooking, baking and catching a cat nap. I kept myself busy around the coach a little practice time on the banjo, dragging dead Manzanita tree trunks out of the woods and picking rocks for my landscaping projects. Don and Bill were down at the day use area splitting wood when Don got his finger pinched so hard that it popped the skin but fortunately didn't break anything, I gave him a bad time saying that if we were in Montana Ann would have him in the office filing an...

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Feb 19, 2013 - Toured Guerneville

After stopping by the visitor center for our morning coffee get together we drove up to Guerneville, didn't take long to tour the town but we did stop at the Hoffman House for lunch. After lunch we drove over to the Red Rock Casino but after a couple of hours Mary wasn't feeling well again so we cut our stay short and headed home. Maybe the change in altitude has something to do with her not feeling well when we go to the casino, it is probably a 1500' climb in elevation.

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Feb 18, 2013 - Driest January On Record

Mass exodus of campers this morning, when I made my rounds at 6PM we had one camper left staying over for one more night. The campground emptied but Mary was kept busy at the visitor center with day use people coming in to picnic and hike the trails. It took me most of the day to clean camp sites and fire pits. Put tarps over our fire wood piles because tomorrow is forecasted to be 47F, 20MPH wind and a 100% chance of rain. Someone told me that January was one of the driest January's on record after December being one of the wettest.

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