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Jan 2, 2013 - Good Looking Young Red Head Again

Mary went into Calistoga to get her hair cut so when that happens I do my impression of a hairdresser getting rid of the gray so she can be a good looking young red head again. While Mary was at the beauty shop I went through my monthly checklist of starting up the coach, the generator plus checking that every thing is operating up to snuff. Bill and Sheila our new camp ground co-hosts pulled in, after an hour or so of maneuvering and cutting down a tree or two we had their fifth wheel in place. Felt good about the work I did hauling in the...

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Jan 1, 2013 - Happy New Year Everyone!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! We decided to go up to River Rock Casino in Geyserville about 25 miles north of here on hwy 128 for the day. After a couple hours of adult games and a buffet lunch that was mediocre at best plus all the food was barely warm we left with Mary losing a few dollars and I was a big winner with a total of 16 cents. The road up had a few twists and turns but not so bad that Mary would get car sick. Mary still not over her sinus infection yet so she made another appointment to see the doctor again

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Dec 31, 2012 - Another Year Bites The Dust

I think yesterday was our busiest day for campers and day use since we've been here so Mary had plenty of receipts to keep her busy. I kept busy all day with the leaf blower clearing up another six campsites, cleaning fire pits and shrink wrapping firewood bundles.

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Dec 30, 2012 - More Hours Than Required

Mary goes to work about 9AM, it takes her a couple of hours to process the daily receipts then she goes downstairs for an hour or so to open the visitor center until one of the local volunteers comes in. I spent the better part of the day trimming trees along the roads in the camping area and campsites. We are required to put in six hours a day five days a week per couple but we have been averaging around eleven hours per day. Everything had a coat of frost on it this morning but it turned out to be a mostly sunny day even so the high for...

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Dec 28, 2012 - Little Miss Betty Crocker

We haven't been able to get the Reserve America computer up and running for two days now, I was on the phone for a couple of hours with tech service trying to figure out the problem to no avail. Mary made up a crock pot of homemade chicken noodle plus a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, she has been a regular little miss Betty Crocker lately baking cookies, cakes and banana breads. Put the finishing touches to site 15 trying to make a level parking pad for Bill and Sheila when they pull in.

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Dec 27, 2012 - A Day Without Rain

Bill and Sheila will be parked next to us in site #15, worked on shoveling gravel in an attempt to level site 15 for them, they have a 25' 5th wheel trailer. After lunch me and Mary went into Napa to do a car load of laundry and pick up more than we need from Wal-Mart. Replaced the wipers on the car today, I think they were the originals so after 3 1/2 years they were certainly due. Nice mostly sunny day today even though rain was predicted we didn't get any for a change. Amazing the difference in gas prices, Calistoga $3.51, St Helena...

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Dec 26, 2012 - Not The Place To Do Laundry

Bill and Sheila our new co-camp ground hosts that will be starting January 1st stopped by to say hello and look the park over. Day off today so we went into St Helena to do laundry but it isn't any better than the one in Calistoga plus it was full, it looks like the Mexicans here only do laundry once a month and today was apparently the day, mostly men doing laundry. It also seems to be where the Mexicans hang out waiting for someone to pick them up for day work. Rob talked to Sandy today and she is still in Santa Barbara with her Mom, she...

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Dec 25, 2012 - Merry Christmas Everyone

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! This Morning we drove the fifty miles to Vaccaville to spend Christmas day with Mary's brother Myron, Donna, family and friends. All together there were twelve of us, Donna had plenty of snacks and wine for us to munch on before we had our Christmas dinner of turkey and ham with all of the fixings then of course wide selection of desserts. We all had a chance to talk via Skype with Donnas sister Madeline's husband Shaun who is an electrican working in Afghanistan. A very enjoyable day of eating, drinking, eating,...

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Dec 24, 2012 - Down To $3.51

Filled up the car this morning and gas was down ten cents a gallon from last week, down to $3.51 a gallon. It quit raining yesterday afternoon but everything is so saturated that we are still getting a lot of runoff especially Ritchie Creek which are still roaring down the canyon.

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Dec 23, 2012 - Unending Rain

Started raining Friday evening, got a bit of a break Saturday afternoon other than that it was a combination of light rain to very heavy downpours until Sunday afternoon. Mary would like to go to a casino New Years day so I drove up to Rock Creek Casino that is 25 miles north of here up hwy 128 just outside of Geyserville. I needed to make sure that is wasn't such a winding road that Mary would get car sick getting there. It started raining hard last night and kept it up until mid afternoon so I spent the rest of the morning working in the...

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Dec 22, 2012 - Takes 80 Miles To Go 30

Me and Mary put in a couple hours of work before Shane and Margarida got here wanting to go to a casino for lunch. Lily said there was one at American Canyon about 30 miles from here but when we got there it was only a card room. The decision was then made to go to Cache Creek, we got there about 1:30PM for a nice lunch then spent a little time playing adult games before heading back home at 5PM. As the crow flies Cache creek is only 30 miles away but it is an 80 mile drive by car, just as we got home around 6:30PM the skies opened up again...

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Dec 20, 2012 - Raining Like Hell Again

Raining like hell again today, spent a little time cleaning the tool shed but most of my day was directing water runoff and building dam walls in sites 15 and 17 so they didn't get washed away. Not only do you hear the water roaring down the canyon but there are a lot of loud thumps from the large logs banging their way down river.

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