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Oct 25, 2016 - October in CA

The first week of October we celebrated Cheryl and Deana's birthday by meeting Dan & Deana in Hemet for lunch. We have celebrated for 41 years so we have to keep the tradition going. We enjoyed our stay at Silent Valley in the nice weather, warm pool and bubbly Jacuzzi. We had a visit from Elks friends Laurie and also Dave; got to see friends Greg and Kim whom we haven’t seen in a long time up here. Daisy made friends with Marion & Dave (a sweet elderly couple) and their shy little Mandy. Every afternoon Daisy wanted to go visit them as we...

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Oct 10, 2012 - Costa Mesa, California

10/10 – 10/15 Time for the Tarkins to do a little hotel hopping. We drove the Jeep to the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa, California to spend six days celebrating “Bobby Bound”, a get together of Joan’s cousins. Relatives that showed up for the event included: Bobby Babos (“Joanie’s” brother), Susie (Joan’s sister) and Chuck Hernandez, David and Lynda (cousin) Tebbs, Johnny (cousin) and Liz Babos, Joe Babos (cousin), Aunt Mim, Billy (cousin) and Nora Babos, Debbie (Bob’s daughter) and Lenny Carreon, Evelyn Reese (Bob’s X wife), Jonathon Peer...

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Jul 19, 2012 - Batter Up

We took Tommy to the park to hit and catch. Teddy and I played baseball for an hour. A great time had by all. We all went to dinner in preparation of our leaving for NY. We are currently in the Atlanta airport. We had a great time and thanks to Tom and Mary for their hospitality. Enjoy the pics.

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Jul 18, 2012 - Catalina WOW!

What a great time we had on Catalina Island. Dad chatted up a fellow on the boat, a local and he found us a great hotel for $79. It had two beds, microwave, refrigerator, jacuzzi tub and a balcony that overlooked the harbor. We met up with him in the morning and he took us on an hour and a half tour of Avalon in his golf cart. What a find. We also got on the trolley and took it out to the botanical gardens and Wrigley Monument. There was also a stop at the Catalina Museum. When the sun came out we took a glass bottom boat ride to see all...

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Jul 16, 2012 - Day of leisure

We laid pretty low yesterday with all the excitement of the wedding behind us. After watching the Braves win we headed to the Huntington Beach pier. Always great to be on the water. Another hilite was having a catch with my 5 year old grand nephew Tommy. He really is an excellent ball player. Enjoy the pics.

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Jul 15, 2012 - No Destination Leisure Drive and the Wedding

While the California Strachans were enjoying Rosie & Patrick's wedding, Herta & I were having a leisurely "No Destination" drive on The Island. We stopped by Mickey D's...picked up two sundaes then drove to a picturesque park to enjoy them. Before we could even sit down on the park bench, at least a dozen geese had surrounded us. When we did not readily give up our ice cream, they mosied on to greener pastures. From the Left Coast the Wedding and reception was fantastic. What a day for my niece Rosie and her now husband Patrick. The whole...

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Jul 14, 2012 - Rehearsal

Yesterday was wedding rehearsal day. We all went to the church and then to sister in law Sue's house for a fun dinner and evening. Shirley has a large family but the west coast Strachans rival it for size. Shirley continues care for Herta back on L.I. and reports all is well. It turned out to be a sunny day with temps in the mid 70s. Wedding Day today! Enjoy the pics.

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Jul 13, 2012 - California Deamin'

Dad and I made it to CA for Rosie's wedding tomorrow unfortunately my bag didn't. Wonderful get together last night at nephews Tom's house where we are staying. A whole bunch of Strachans with more to come. I'll be doing the blog on my phone so they will be short. Shirley is doing well back in NY caring co my step mom Herta. Cool here low 70s with rain. Enjoy the pics.

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Jan 6, 2012 - Los Angeles Bound

I'm off to California for Muriel Korzun's surprise 90th birthday fiesta. This weekend will be packed full of social events organized by Muriel's sons, John Ludwig and Phil Leinbach. I expect to see old friends from Mexico, West Virginia, and many of John's Marine Corps buddies.

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Apr 20, 2008 - Day 0 - Arrive at start of tour

Jim and I arrived at our hotel in Costa Mesa around 11:30, much earlier than expected. We checked in, but our room was not ready yet. Next we headed to a conference room to check in for the tour. We were first greeted by Barbara Munk who gave us luggage tags and explained that our luggage would be weighed the following morning before being loaded onto the trailer and could not exceed 50lbs (35lb in one bag, 15 lb in the other). She also explained that are bikes would need to pass a mechanical inspection by her husband Mike Munk (the ride...

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Feb 14, 2008 - Costa Mesa CA

Thursday, February 14, 2008 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY After weeks and weeks of planning, we finally made it to Costa Mesa. The last night in Pasadena, I barely slept. I knew that I had to get up very early and get the camper moved and out of the parking lot before the daycare families started to arrive. I also had a sense of dread that perhaps we would not even be able to fit into the parking lot at Costa Mesa, we we finally did arrive. The Universe has truly been looking out for us. I know this. We arrived to Costa Mesa to be met by...

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