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Mar 26, 2019 - The Ranch at Death Valley

One of the few working ranches within the actual boundaries of Death Valley. Today it's a place for city slickers to pretend to ne cowboys, enjoy nature, even play a round of golf, and camp under the start in a tent. If needed, for travelers like me, there is a RV park across the road.

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Mar 24, 2019 - Badwater Salt Flats

Last stop of the day, sun getting lower, and this is the lowest place in the northern hemisphere. My car GPS. actually read -313 ft, about 18 feet down the road. Water salt here is 4 times higher then the oceans of the world. When farmers were moving their cattle across, many cattle died because they wouldn't drink the water.

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Mar 24, 2019 - Death Valley Junction

This location had a thriving past, to include an opera house, hotel, and everything essential for a city to be prominent. I have heard that the opera house had a hand painting on the walls, which took 4 years. When complete, Marta Becket, the artist, and dancer, looked at the ceiling and started for the next two years to paint. My only regret this trip, is that I couldn't get to tour it and photograph it too. Marta did dance and pantomime for her patrons. I will put it on my bucket list to return for the opera house tour, in the future.

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Jan 15, 2019 - B.S.-This Ain't No Sea Story

After a fun few days in Bakersfield on the 178 along the Kern River and Lake Isabella. Yes, it was a few miles longer but gorgeous scenery! After driving the winding roads of the 178 we came to the 395 which runs between the Sierra Nevada and Panamint Mountains. After we made our turn on Olancha there is a LONG stretch of highway before you begin one of your two ascents and descents into Death Valley. We were reminiscing about a previous trip from this direction where two fighter jets passed over us perpendicularly, what a sight! We were...

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Sep 16, 2018 - Day One

We started out leaving Paso and headed for Death Valley. Our plan was to visit with TJ and Allie, and to pick up Armando & Ismene. Our trip hit a bit of a snag early when we got pulled over by a National Park Ranger for speeding through Stovepipe Wells. He was kind enough to let us go with a warning, and we gratefully continued on. It was a toasty 100+ degrees when we reached the Furnace Creek Resort. We were able to see TJ & Allie hard at work, and give Allie a belated birthday gift. Then began the comical process of playing "Travel Jenga"...

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Trip Journal

Montana 2018

Oct 24, 2017 - Visit Death Valley NP Sites, 5 Bars with AT&T and A Ball Was Found

October 24 – Visit Death Valley NP Sites, 5 Bars with AT&T and A Ball Was Found We got up late since Martha had had her early breakfast at 5 AM when she had to go out to relieve herself and had some of her newly crafted food as a ‘cookie’. Martha has been having digestive issues for weeks even with cooked hamburger. So, Kathleen found an InstantPot recipe for dog food that consists of chicken thighs, peas, carrots and brown rice, spinach, egg shells. Martha loves it and now her stool is firm. As a side note, at 5 AM the black sky was full...

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Oct 23, 2017 - Travel to Death Valley National Park

October 23 – Travel to Death Valley National Park We had a 6.5-hour drive today from the Fault to 200’ below sea level where it feels like a convection oven with the 98F air blowing strong. We had many long inclines and the last hour was against a 20 MPH head wind when 4th gear was used. You can view the photos to see the terrain and scrub vegetation and long straight roads. We are camping at the park's Furnace Creek Campground. Our large campsite is a pull-through with power, water and sewer dump but no shade. In the morning we will tour...

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Jan 14, 2017 - Death Valley Days

We continued our drive south. We had all kinds of weather, a little mist, a little sunshine, a little rain, even a little snow. We drove to Death Valley National Park and stayed at Sunset Campground, near Furnace Creek Resort. There are no hookups here but we manage fine without them for a few days. We spent a day driving around. We went to the Harmony Borax Works. Borax was processed from the ore here by several boing baths at 120 degrees that precipitated it out. It was much cheaper to ship out Borax concentrate than all the rock it takes...

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Oct 13, 2016 - Death Valley CA

The drive from Beatty to Furnace Creek was supposed to be a grueling 45 minute trip but it turned into an almost 2 hour endeavor thanks to waiting in line for fuel and an ill-timed call from Citi Visa about a purchase from September 22nd. Seriously? On October 12th you call about a possible fraudulent purchase from almost 3 weeks ago? Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Dear Citi Visa; don’t ever do that again… Anyway, by 12:30 we were all set up and after chomping down some Subway sandwiches we took off about 90 minutes east of the...

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Mar 19, 2016 - Final Death Valley Entry

The diversity of Death Valley still amazes me! At the northern end of DV there is evidence of recent volcanic activity...well, some what recent. The big crater shown here exploded about 1000 years ago. It isn't a typical volcano, but is called Maar Volcano...it has no cone. What happens is the magma heats the groundwater and the pressure from the steam builds up until it explodes. This particular explosion sent volcanic debris over 6 square miles an 150 deep! The day we went there was cold, rainy and VERY windy. The winds were easily gale...

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Mar 19, 2016 - More of Death Valley

Taking some time off from the fun at Mesa Regal RV Resort to finish up the journal from Death Valley. It is hard to find time...there is so much to do here! Our typical day starts at around 7 am to play Pickleball, then swim laps and finally get ready for the day; the afternoon is a bit too hot to play, so it's back to the pool....well maybe some pool volleyball, then happy hour and dinner. After dinner there is usually a dance or maybe more pickleball, or swimming or bocce ball; and finally cards. Its a tough life, but someone has to live...

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Mar 14, 2016 - Hiking Death Valley

We hiked and hiked in DV. I actually wore out the soles of my hiking boots! While we are here in Mesa AZ, I have to go over to REI and buy new boots before we head into Utah. Darwin Falls DV is certainly a land of extremes. Badwater Basin is 282 feel below sea level and it's water undrinkable because of all the salt. Darwin Falls is in the western edge of DV, around an elevation of 5000', and is a year-round desert stream. The stream is actually the water supply source for a little cluster of houses and campsites called Panamint...

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