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May 18, 2014 - Weekend Break

We are making good progress on the See Ya. We have new rubber on the slides, the King Dome has power, we can now get the radiator cap off, and our light switch now connects to two lights in the kitchen. Two big jobs remain – roof repair to (hopefully) end leaks and recaulking of the walls. This weekend we took the See Ya to the KOA campground at Fairplex so that we would have full hookups. That gave us a chance to do showers and Annie bath and lots of laundry. The campground proved problematic as it is older and very tight for our 42-foot...

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May 15, 2014 - See Ya Maintenance

Tuesday morning we pulled into Alfateers to begin some heavy work on the See Ya. The motorhome is six years old and it’s time to replace much of the caulking and rubber seals along with a list of smaller jobs. Not much was accomplished on Tuesday except to go over the list with Daniel, our service advisor. Temperatures moved into triple digits here yesterday and today. We decided that the best way to cope was to, “head for the hills!” So, yesterday we drove up route 303 to 18 and on to Big Bear Lake. The temperature at Big Bear was in the...

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May 12, 2014 - Two Days to LA

We’re back on a more normal travel schedule so we took two days to travel from Flagstaff to San Bernardino where we will spend tonight before an early morning appointment tomorrow at Alfateers in Fontana. The trip was pleasantly uneventful. Day one took us west on I-40 to Kingman, where we stopped for our last shot at pre-California fuel prices and filled up, and beyond to the Arizona border. It’s been two years since we have traveled the southwest and we marveled again at the wide expansive views and the dry, dry, dryness of the...

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Mar 16, 2014 - Fontana

Thankfully, the wind subsided and we got an early start heading for Fontana and the Alfateers RV Service Center to get some work done on the coach. California is not our favorite state but that's where Alfateers are located so here we go. It's 185 miles from Ehrenberg to Fontana; we passed three rest areas and all three were closed. To avoid bladder failure by Foxy, we pulled off at a Love's and Joe took her for a short walk. The drivers here are a strange breed. They merge onto the freeway very slowly clueless there's a big motorhome...

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Feb 12, 2013 - Sickies

Hi Friday we both came down with head colds, probably caught it from the kids while we stayed with Chris and Deb. We have been down and out since then. We haven't done anything but walk the dogs and wouldn't have done that if we didn't have them. They are bored silly. Tomorrow we move to Desert Hot Springs. Hopefully, we will start to feel better soon. What a start to our vacation.

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Feb 9, 2013 - Lytle Creek Campground

IT'S SNOWING......... Yesterday we had 3" of snow. I always whine about missing the snow in Vancouver so I'm a happy girl right now. It was 24deg this morning when we got up. I had taken ice cleats with us so we put them on and went for a walk. It is beautiful, especially with the sun coming up over the snow. Unfortunately, it is starting to melt. The boys thought is was great, they were hopping around and going crazy. Guess we will stay close to home today and enjoy the snow while it lasts.

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Mar 25, 2012 - Auto club speedway

Arrived thu and no problems checking in after a drive around the 2 mile track staff seem to have no clue about where they are working. Into the site finally trailer unhooked and motorhome set up and bud is flowing ah life is pretty good met all our neighbors tks to guess who and away we go for the weekend got up Friday and went to tour through the sovvie trailers and have to have a ticket to get inside the gates not a good start back for nationwide race on Saturday got all the sovvies bought and enjoyed a good nationwide race with joey...

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Mar 4, 2011 - Fontana, CA

In early Mar. we traveled to Fontana, CA to have annual maintenance performed on the coach. Marilyn arranged a luncheon with some of my best high school friends. Since Marilyn was doing all the arrangements, I planned for a mystery guest. Bruce flew in from ME and surprised everyone. Got you, Marilyn. We spent a few days in Indio with Marilyn & Mike at one of our favorite casinos. John & Mike had time to golf.

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Alaska Again 2011

Oct 2, 2010 - A Four-State Day

When we travel in the east, especially New England, we don’t think much of a four-state day; but, it’s a little more unusual when we’re in the sprawling west. However, we had just that today, we traveled through four states. From St. George, we had about 6 miles remaining in Utah, then Highway 15 cuts through a little sliver in the extreme northwestern part of Arizona before heading into Nevada, and, of course, we ended our day in sunny California….a four-state day and about 350 miles. The traffic was relatively light except through some...

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Mar 25, 2009 - Fontana - Alfateers

We spent three days at Alfateers having some work done on our coach. We did a little exploring of the area and some big city shopping at the malls. We found some really good deals at some of the factory stores in the area. We now have to sort through more clothes to decide what to give away and what to keep. We also need to spend lots of time deciding what to bring next time we start one of these extended trips. We brought way more than we needed as usual. Part of the learning curve.. Of course less weight means more fuel milage. If you...

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