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Aug 3, 2015 - Day 27

Wildfires are devestating parts of northern California, making the national news. Thankfully we have avoided the most dangerous areas. As we drove from Klamath Falls, Ore., to Hat Creek, Calif., we passed an incident center where the fire service had set up a base camp for fighting the wildfires. We say a water helicopter fly overhead. We drove through the town of Adin, near where the firefighter from South Dakota was killed last week. Through it all the sky was clear and there was no smell of smoke. It appears the fires in this corner of...

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Lay of the land

Sep 15, 2014 - Lassen

Today’s agenda was Lassen Volcanic National Park. It’s beautiful as well as very interesting. The road winds through the forest before summiting below Lassen Peak. I had no idea the last eruption was in 1915. Thanks to a very brave historian and photographer, there are photos of before, during and after that eruption, which occurred over several days. The park service has done a good job of documenting the recovery, both natural and human-encouraged, and hope it will be a guide to restoring Mount Saint Helens in the future. The weather...

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Sep 14, 2014 - California -- finally!!

We finally made it to California after wandering for weeks (at least it seemed like it) in the desert. Not long after we crossed into the state just above Reno, we were driving through a pretty little valley with actual trees and green pastures. However, we did pass by several areas that were identified on the map as lakes – big ones in some cases – that appeared to have not a drop of water. They were pretty shallow but I imagine they would hold quite a bit of water in a good year. We found a very nice RV park somewhere near the town of Hat...

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Jun 15, 2010 - Hat Creek, CA

We have been in Hat Creek, CA for the last day and a half. The reason that we came here was Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park. This volcano erupted in 1914 and 1915. There are still signs of the devastation that it caused and steamy, hot, bubbly mud through out the park. Virg came here years ago and it left a great impression on him. To our disappointment, there is still 15 feet of snow on the road in most of the park. We were unable to go too far and we missed all of the bubbles and steam. A lesson learned, visit Mt. Lassen in July or...

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Oct 8, 2009 - Hat Creek, California

It's a long drive, 370 miles from Elkton to Hat Creek, breaking our rule of < 250 miles in a day. But we like this place, it's serene and comfortable so we don't mind the drive all that much. If you own an RV, you owe it to yourself to stay here on your way through California. It's the Rancheria RV Ranch on Hwy 89, for your 31 bucks you'll get all the basic FHU's and access to fishing lake Catherine on the property. We haven't fished it yet, Dave says he didn't this time, because he'd like to have the fish take it easy. Oh that's perhaps...

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Aug 16, 2007 - Goodbye to Carson Valley -- for now

What a busy and wonderful two months we had in the Carson Valley! We spent good time with our family, we did some sightseeing, I got my heart situation corrected. The down part was Suzy's shoulder injury, but even that paid off as daughter Kathie did her stuff, getting us into aquatic exercises that have helped both of us. I think we've told you that Kathie is a personal trainer, and she was able to put together a good program for us. We had dinner at Kathie and Shawn's home, we had dinner at granddaughter Renee and Adam's home, they came...

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Jun 9, 2007 - Covered Bridges and Major Mountains

June 1, time to move on. We paid our electric bill at Pheasant Ridge RV Park (nearly $90 for the 30-day stay, bringing our total costs to just over $16 a day for space, electricity, water, sewer, propane, and an indoor swimming pool - not too bad!). Heading south on I-5 we turned inland just below Salem to reach the town of Jefferson, OR, to see our new "hometown." We are changing our mail forwarding service from UPS in Lake Oswego to a privately owned company in Jefferson, which will save us some dollars. We wanted to see this...

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