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Jan 22, 2011 - Campovida

So our travels are complete and a new journey begins.... We moved to Hopland California this week and the start of a new adventure. We will be working with the new owners of Campovida, helping them develop the property to become an even more special place than it is already. We hope to start a blog one day, but with so much going on right now, we thought we would send an initial update via our trip journal. People have been asking what is the place and your accommodation like and second, what will you be doing? The pictures included should...

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Dec 6, 2010 - And now we are off to Hopland, California

We did a lot of thinking during our year of travel about what we wanted to do next and it boiled down to three possibilities: 3. Go back and get jobs (they had already been offered) doing what we had done before - coaching and massage therapy, in the same area. 2. Get jobs in the same field, but possibly in a new area or with a slightly different twist. 1. Go in a completely new direction. Ultimately, we convinced ourselves that we would be most happy with option number one. So then it became a question of what that new direction would look...

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