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Jul 25, 2019 - On the road to Mount Shasta

The road is I-5 north toward Washington to meet Sally and Mike Theroux and Stacy and Sharon Wise. The 1st stop was the usual on that route, Abrams Lake RV Park in Mount Shasta CA. Passing Lake Shasta we could see that the water was finally at a normal level. Just 4 miles before our exit there was an enormous traffic jam so we got off a little early. Annoyance-the shower head holder broke.

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Nov 5, 2018 - 2 nd DAY OF REUNION

After a very restful sleep and a walk with Mocha over to Safeway (adjacent to the RV Park) to pick up cold meats, cheese etc., a few from the reunion met at our campground for a leisurely lunch and stories. Such a great time over lunch as the weather was perfect for enjoying company outside. After lunch we went for a walk around the RV Park before changing for the 2nd evening of the Reunion. We all met again at Shelly and Mark's for more Fajita's and Wine...maybe a little extra Wine. Shelly and Mark's son Jonathan and his girlfriend Korina...

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Aug 27, 2018 - Car work in the city of pure water!

So yesterday, I went to go get gas and dump off some recyclables but the car wouldn't start! It didn't even click! But the lights and GPS worked! Frankie came over with his battery tester and it tested at 13.5 amps so we didn't need to charge it. He tightened the connections at the post but still nothing. I spent the afternoon at their house visiting and got my hair cut by a retired cosmotologist neighbor named Denise. This morning I called a couple of places recommended to me by Larry and then my emergency road service to get a tow truck...

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Feb 28, 2018 - I Stand Amazed

The month long journey through California has come to a close. We started the month in the southeast tip of the state at Felicity and ended it in the mountains of Mount Shasta on the northern peak of the California/Oregon border. We experienced warm weather in Ventura (high 70’s), very warm weather in the East Bay (80’s), and cold and colder with snow in the Mendocino/Mount Shasta areas (30’s). Try packing in a small RV for those extremes!! But, the last two weeks have been spent on the coast of Mendocino and Mount Shasta. Here’s an...

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Gypsy Journey

May 14, 2017 - Mount Shasta koa #2

Hey Were still here in Mount Shasta California enjoying the views And playing in the snow,we took Sandy up for her first experience with it and she actually acted like she was on the sandbar in keys except she was eating the snow,actually we are not surprised because she likes to chew ice, she had a blast. Unfortunately Houston we have another ugg Problem.our retractable steps no longer retract,yea asking how we get in rv.. With alot of difficulty especially the dog.we contacted a local mobile rv repair And hopefully hes going to squeeze...

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May 13, 2017 - Mount Shasta koa

Yo Man cant say enough about Redding rv center Got me in and out of there in 3 hrs, Happy campers! $1,400 and all we had to pay was $100 deductible ahhhh. So we decided on a short drive up to mount shasta for the weekend,we got Burney falls and some other sites to see and then i believe its on to Redwood national park. Then well be onward to Oregon! Talk soon

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May 1, 2017 - Tahoe to Mt Shasta via St Bernard Lodge

Tahoe to Lassen Breakfast today included granola with yoghurt followed by homemade waffles with maple syrup, yum! We set off from Lake Tahoe at 9:30 and soon after turned up the road to the Squaw Valley ski resort. There were already lots of cars in the car park but not yet many people on the slopes. The sun was shining and we saw a number of people heading to the lifts with bare arms. A guy from Seattle, who told us he gets a season ticket for a Canadian ski resort for $500 for the year, said that with the bumper snow Squaw Valley might...

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Sep 6, 2016 - Mount Shasta CA

Day 1 of our six week trip along the Oregon coast and into the Washington Peninsula with Judy and Doug Fowler, friends we have known since 2008. They too are HitchHiker owners now residing in Herald CA. And I will start off by saying that despite what the political opposition is saying, our economy is booming. There are more RV's on the roads not to mention other travelers. The campgrounds were full. The tourist sites were crowded and so were the restaurants and grocery stores. It made the trip rather tedious sometimes, not our usual...

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Jul 22, 2016 - Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort

It has been sometime since I last updated this journal and I am not going to attempt to justify my tardiness. I decided to catch-up everything because Marge and I attended the August outing of our motorhome club yesterday morning so that I could conduct the club's monthly meeting. I am currently the club President and this the first meeting I have conducted since Memorial Day when we left for our trip to Calgary. What sparked my need to update the journal was a question one of the club memeber's asked me when I walked over to talk to him....

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Aug 18, 2015 - Orlando to Sacramento to Mount Shasta

Upon arrival in Sacramento our original plan was to pick up the RV and drive to Mount Shasta, staying a couple of days. But the smoke from the fires was so bad that Mount Shasta at over 14000 feet was completely hidden. And not only that, our favorite restaurant in Mount Shasta, the Billy Goat Tavern, is closed. We did find a decent Mexican restaurant, Lalos, and enjoyed the dinner. We stayed only one night at Abrams Lake RV Park and fled to Oregon the next day.

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Aug 5, 2015 - 7/19-7/31 Mt. Shasta, CA.

Sunday we headed south to Mt. Shasta, CA. which is located in the beautiful Siskiyou mountains at food of the majestic Mt. Shasta. It was a drive of about 160 miles. It was really sad and scary to see Mt. Shasta, though, never in our 35 years of driving by her approx. 2x year have we seen her with so little snow. We are staying at KOA updating their guest guide, which means selling ads. It has been quite hot and the first night we sat outside eating dinner, however the next two nights we had thunder storms with rain, quite a bit especially...

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Sep 16, 2014 - Mount Shasta

It was a beautiful, fairly short drive up Highway 89 today. However, the first part of the trip just north of the campground near Hat Creek showed evidence of a very recent forest fire. We found out just how recent when we got to the KOA at Mount Shasta City. Apparently, that fire only started the first week of August and is still smoldering although it is contained after burning something like 60,000 acres. It kept the highway we drove on closed for some time. Now we're only six miles away from the town of Weed where the fire started...

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