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Jan 9, 2016 - Swap Meet, Date Farm, Salton Sea

You would think that I never wanted to get back to my RV! On my way home I made three stops. The first, a large outdoor swap meet held on the campus of College of the Desert , was a bit disappointing. I am lucky enough to be near a great swap meet in Arizona ( Mesa Marketplace) where the selection is so much better and so are the prices. Continuing east, passing through a lovely town called Indian Wells, I stopped in Indio at Shields Date Farm. They no longer grow the dates here but they have a wonderful cafe, beautiful garden devoted to...

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Apr 15, 2012 - Salton Sea, CA - Our Private Campground

(Ron Writing) Yesterday it was very windy in the Yuma area and the wind was straight out of the west. Rather than head out driving straight into the wind, we decided to just sit-tight for a day and relax. At times we had quite a bit of blowing dust but luckily it was not hot and we stayed comfortable in the trailer with all the windows and vents closed. I spent much of the day reading and working on the computer. Elena prepared three types of cookie dough for later baking. This morning the weather was beautiful and the winds were calm. We...

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Mar 3, 2009 - Salton Sea

Our sleep patterns have been slightly altered since on Pacific time. How do our bodies get into such stubborn habits? Dawn and sunlight don't correlate with the time on the clock our bodies think we should awaken. The way to Salton Sea is bordered with rich vegetable and fruit fields. The Imperial Valley is the largest producers of dates and raisins. Thank goodness there was a "field" vegetable stand- we bought grapefruit and oranges. Then the terrain became natural in appearance and beauty. The California State Park system has claimed the...

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Feb 10, 2008 - Summertime and Salton Sea

Gershwin had it right! It may not be "summertime" in this part of California, but the livin' IS easy. We're just mostly kicking back and enjoying 70 - 80 degree weather. This MUST be California. Where else in the world would an accident create the biggest lake in the state? The Salton sea is 268 feet below sea level, was created because the canals that were used in 1905 to bring water to the desert for agriculture were subjected to a huge flood and most of the Colorado river flowed in to the area for about a year and a half before it could...

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Oct 7, 2007 - Here we go again !!!!

The Trekies, Dick and Gail Pellegrini with Rocky the Wonderdog, Don and Bonnie Fine, Tony and Juliann Fontana, and Larry and Diane Evans have begun to chart their next voyage, Star Trek Part Deux (Wappa Do),visiting the Southern portion of the United States. As before our ships are 3 McKenzie fifth wheels and a Fish. (Dolphin Motorhome.) Traveling at sub warp speeds with frequent stops to visit local civilizations to sample culture and gastronomical delights, our trip is projected to last approximately 5 months. Our adventure begins near...

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