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May 30, 2009 - Tunnel Vision

We took a short bicycle ride on the Bizz today. There are two original railroad tunnels within four miles of Hobo Camp. Art wanted a picture of them before they were blocked off for routine maintenance in June. The tunnels were completed in 1914; one is 800 feet long and the other 400 feet. Since this is a converted rails-to-trail path, the grade is no more than a 3% which makes it suitable for all ages. Along the way, we passed a fire crew clearing a stand of burnt trees. I turned around at this point to head home to prepare a side dish...

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May 28, 2009 - Leaving the Nest

We left the nest of Hobo Camp for a little bit of exploring. On Tuesday, we had a wonderful introduction to Susanville Ranch Park which is an 1100 acre shared-used park (e.g, hiking, horseback riding, cycling). The park has about 22 miles of trails and what appears to be a number of options to create several loops. David, the Susanville depot manager, offered to take us on short, early morning walk. The trails in the park wind through forests and through a former logging road and an old dairy farm. We plan on checking out the park again. On...

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May 25, 2009 - A Day in the Life at Hobo Camp

We’re official now. Stan gave us our hat, vest, name badge, radio and phone and took the obligatory photo in uniform. What a mighty fine couple, don’t you think! We are free to set our own schedule and it seems like it will evolve into something like this. Art cycles a quarter-mile to open the park gate at 8am. We have breakfast and then head to the picnic area and pick up trash and clean the bathrooms. There is an old trestle bridge that crosses the Susan River about a quarter mile from the picnic area that gets heavy use. Most of the...

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May 20, 2009 - Getting Settled at Hobo Camp

The second day of our drive to Susanville was quite different from the first day. While day one was primarily interstate driving, day two was 30 miles of interstate driving and 115 miles on a secondary highway with parts of it also designated as a scenic byway. This meant an average speed of 35 mph along a winding, twisting, road with no-shoulder and a number of logging trucks. Compared to some of the roads we traveled during our 7 months of travel, it really wasn’t bad – but keep in mind that I am out of practice in my driving. We got into...

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Aug 5, 2008 - On our way North

After spending a few days in Reno, we decided it was time to head out and it was pretty hard to leave our little Kyla behind...but her parents are doing a great job and I know she will only miss us for a few minutes...then it will be off to the next book or out back to her little pool. Sad but true. With everything packed up and refilled, we headed north. We had made plans to spend a night at Honey Lake and then travel thru Susanville to Eagle Lake for a few days. Neither is what we anticipated. Honey Lake snuck up on us, through rolling...

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