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Jan 10, 2012 - Dean's Thoughts and Feelings about Trip

I don't really want to leave Ukiah because I love my school. I just really like 6th grade at Pomolita. I'll also miss playing basketball...but I've always wanted to go to Ushuaia. Ushuaia is really cold. When I was little I use to look at maps a lot ( I still do), and I noticed this town at the tip of the South American continent. I liked it because it was remote. I use to look at Ushuaia on Google Earth and you could click on pictures and look at houses covered in snow. So while I will miss school, I'm happy I get to go to Ushuaia. I'm...

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Jan 6, 2012 - Lia's Thoughts and Feelings About Trip

I feel weird. I have mixed emotions about the trip--kind of like salt and peper (salt and peper are opposites) but i am both of them. I am going to miss all my teachers, family, and close family friends (adults). I am also going to miss my friends (kids) especially Sophie, Sophia, Emma, Luna, Josie, Miguel, Noa, Luci, and many more.I am going to try to spend most of my time with my friends in these next two weeks. We are also going to Chile and Uruguay. I have heard in Chile there are penguins, and guess what? I am going to see them! I am...

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Jan 1, 2012 - Preparing for our trip to Argentina

Well, with Christmas behind us we are moving full steam ahead with our trip plans to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay-with most of our time spent in Argentina. Without a clear itinerary it is difficult to know which vaccinations we will need and which medications to take with us. At this point we have all had Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid. We likely will also need Yellow Fever, as well as anti-Malarial medicine. The yellow fever vaccination alone will cost between $500-$600 for the four of us here in the U.S. Fortunately, I have located a free...

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Aug 29, 2010 - Sunday, Day 12

Today we again had to drive 2 cars to carry all of us - but just drove north of the city to Novato where the RV is. Rick drove this rowdy group to Ukiah in Mendocino County to the Nelson Vineyards. We did a wine tasting and then had a picnic lunch under the Redwoods. Wonderful afternoon. Good food, good wine and great family memories. Next stop was a winery that utilizes Caves - S...... - the owner is a Fetzer. The wine was so-so, but the setting was nice. Off to Bodega Bay - very twisty turny roads along the coast. This part of California...

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Jul 9, 2010 - Lake Mendocino

We arrived at Lake Mendocino about 8:30AM after a beautiful half hour morning drive south on 101. 101 is a much straighter highway and mostly four lanes. It bisects scenic farms and vineyards in the famed Russian River wine area. The weather is especially perfect for the fermentation of tasty complex red wines. Lake Mendocino lies just northeast of the town of Ukiah.It is a large reservoir formed by the construction of Coyote Dam in 1958. The lake is about two miles by one mile in size and today it was greatly expanded by the heavy spring...

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Jan 26, 2010 - Stuck in Ukiah!

Spent a lazy day in Ukiah, CA, where the sun actually shone most of the day. A pleasant break from the past week of almost constant rain. Early this afternoon the power at the RV park went out and I heard a lot of sirens nearby. Fortunately I carry a generator which I got up and running for the next several hours until power was restored. Tomorrow we'll head for Stockton to visit Bill's brother and his wife; always a good time and good food.

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Apr 13, 2009 - Boondocking Ky-en In Ukiah

We enjoyed three days of boondocking in Ukiah, California, at the Ky-en Recreational Area on Mendocino Lake. It is a huge lake, over 1,800 acres and there are over 300 campsites around the lake. We were very happy to get our site for the price of only $11.00 a night. It would normally be $22.00 but we used our Senior Pass for a half-price savings. There were no hook-ups so we had to use our water sparingly, and ran our generator when needed. Our refrigerator did a good job running off of gas. We sat around a fire every night and just...

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Jan 1, 2009 - Happy New Year

Well, this is an update for two days of travel. We spent last night at Ukiah Ca, in the parking lot of a little casino. So they are good for something... a free night! Had a good day again, with no rain. Today we came all the way to Bakersfield, and are staying in the Orange Grove RV park. I picked a big bag of BIG oranges for the rest of our journey. Today was pretty good - some high fog, no rain and no wind. Got to get going though, because they are forecasting rain tomorrow night. So, we will leave early in the morning and head for...

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Oct 13, 2008 - Ukiah, California

Long driving day today, traveling down the coast in Northern California is great, beautiful scenery with the beaches and the coastline and then the redwoods. Very spectacular but a bit windy, but one must take a little bad with the good. We once again have discovered how bad the roads are in California and after a few broken dishes have learned to store all breakable items down low so the "fling factor" doesn't come into play. We lost a baking dish off the upper cabinet shelf when the cabinet door must have bounced open on a particularly...

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Apr 4, 2008 - California Redwoods

After leaving the Sacramento area, we headed north up through Marysville and then across Hwy 20 around Clear Lake, which is beautiful this time of year. The lake tends to get scummy later in the summer. On Thursday, April 3rd, we pulled into the Golden Rule RV Park, just before Hwy 101 at Willets. The park is at the bottom of an emerald green valley. There is a sign posted on one gate that this was once the home of the famous race horse, Seabiscuit. Once we settled into our spot, we noticed one other trailer. Other than this trailer, we...

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Trip Journal

Pretty Damn Nice!

Sep 15, 2007 - Redwoods and more

We made just a little trip back north upon leaving the campground to visit the beachside for the southern part of the Redwoods NP. We walked the beach and watched the waves and birds for awhile. No shells to be found on this black beach, but we did see neat stones and pieces of driftwood. The highlight of the day was the Avenue of the Giants, north to south. This year, I stopped at the trail to the Founder's Tree to walk amongst the giants. They provided a guide map and markers so that we could learn about what plants we were seeing and how...

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