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Sep 21, 2019 - Short drive to Ogallala

Thursday morning we hooked the trailer back up and pulled out of the Riverside RV park and headed to Ogallala. As we left Scottsbluff we drove passed the sugar beet plant on the edge of town. The sugar beet harvest only last for a couple of weeks and by looking at the piles of sugar beets waiting to be processed into sugar. The harvest is ending. We have been by here at other times and there were piles of sugar beets all over the yard. This time there were only a few piles of them. We were still meeting trucks on the road that were headed...

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Sep 8, 2019 - Lake McConaughey

Nebraska has a lot of real nice and real big lakes with a lot of camping along the shores. This is Lake McConaughey west of the city of North Platte and near Ogallala. This was a nice spot and we took advantage of the warm weather and warm water. We just had to walk down the embankment from our campsite to the beach. Billy loved it and did a lot of his newly founf swimming ability. The sunsets were awesome.

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Apr 14, 2019 - Made it to Ogallala

Got off to a cold start this morning at 26 degrees. In getting things ready the sewer hose had ice in it from the grey water. We had disconnected our water the night before knowing it was going to be below freezing. We got rounded up and on the road at 10:00. Today is a easy day with only a little over 200 miles to go and it is all interstate. We will go thru Kearney, Nebraska and it is known as the Sand Hill Crane Capitol. The lady at Prairie Oasis campground told us that the cranes where piled up around Kearney due to the cold weather...

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Oct 12, 2018 - A little behind!

Well, I didn't get started like I normally do. I would try to update the journal every time when we would get to our next stop. It was a long day so when we got stopped we turned in. We got on the road Monday around 10:00 after saying our goodbyes to Gordon and Sally and headed towards Sheridan, Wyoming. We had a good day for traveling and the fall colors were really pretty. There was a chance of snow that evening and we had already decided that when we stop for the night that we would not put the slides out. The reason was if it did snow...

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Sep 29, 2018 - Council Bluffs to Hastings NE to Ogallala

On my way to Ogallala I detoured to visit th Hastings Museum in Hastings Nebraska. Kool-Aid was invented in this town by a young entrepreneur named Edwin Perkins. He created and sold many products but - inspired by Jello - he launched his most famous product in 1927 - KOOL-AID. Raspberry was Edwin's favorite flavor but Kraft has discontinued it. Lots of memorabilia in the exhibit - pitchers, glasses, early packaging, toys etc. The museum was showing a 3D IMAX film about the migration of monarch butterflies. It was wonderful! They start in...

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Sep 5, 2018 - Parks and Passports

Ogallala, NE The Nebraska Passport Program helps travelers discover Nebraska’s hidden gems, including: museums, parks, restaurants, wineries, retail stores, and more. There are 70 stops all over the state. More than 48,000 travelers are participating in the 2018 Nebraska Passport program per the official website. Passports have been requested from travelers in 416 Nebraska communities and 45 states. One picks up a passport, visits the site and has the book stamped. We had over 25 stamps in our books that were stolen when our car was broken...

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Jun 11, 2018 - Onward to Ogallala

Thanks to those who commented on my exploding tire! My Guestbook is not working. I can see my messages individually and find them, but the Guestbook cannot be accessed. For those of you who have asked, I've requested help from MyTripJournal and haven't heard back from them. You may (and I sure appreciate your messages) continue to use the Leave a Message link to contact me and one of these days the Guestbook should work properly once again. I love looking back at your messages on the Guestbook...I can see them all at once. I'll let you know...

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Jun 8, 2018 - Nebraska

There is so much to see in this country. We drove for hours today on a two lane road from the north of Nebraska to the south and saw nothing but miles of fields growing stuff as far as we could see in all directions. Lots of farm equipment on the road. All we could think about is some farmer has to till the land, plant it, fertilize it, and harvest it so we can put it on our tables. Love this country. We stayed 1 night at Country View RV Park in Ogallala, NE. It was a very nice rv park. As I was doing laundry I met a very nice woman from...

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Mar 31, 2018 - Beating the weather

Got up this morning and the wind was blowing out of the North and the clouds were moving in. We checked the forecast and weather warnings for the area. They called for a winter warning starting Saturday evening thru Sunday at noon. Temps down to 21 degrees and snow accumulations of 4 to 7 inches. We decided to move farther west to Ogallala and so we can get there before the bad weather arrives and then just set it out for a couple of days until the roads clear. We got things ready in the wind and temp of 42 degrees. As we pulled out and...

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May 9, 2017 - My Fantasy Day in Ogallala

My photos will tell you about the interesting/scenic/cool places I visited today, but they will not tell you about the EIGHT places I visited to find a simple t-shirt that said OGALLALA on it. I finally found a hooded gray sweatshirt with that simple name at SAPPS gas station. Every place I stopped suggested somewhere else and I am now pretty familiar with Ogallala. Not that it's very big. Or near anywhere. Or has ANYTHING that fulfills the inner Gus/Call/Pea Eye/Lorena thing that calls for something to hold on to. To authenticate that all...

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May 8, 2017 - Cabela's was the Highlight of the Day

I guess my photos today are mostly for just two people. Susanne, my dear friend in Georgia, has requested pictures of Boots, and well, my son hasn't made any requests, but I only stopped at Cabela's headquarters because of him. A Cabela gift card always makes him happy. But, sorry, Todd, I only took pictures. I found something in the parking lot, though, that I will send to Tate. I've checked into a Passport America RV Park for $16.50 a night. For $16.50 it is great. Everything is relative, isn't it? The spots are unreasonably narrow, but...

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Oct 2, 2016 - A fun birthday

Date: October 2, 2016 Tonight’s Location: Ogallala, NE Campground: Country View RV Mileage: End - 108565 Start - 108237 Total Miles for the day: 328 Weather: mostly sunny Temperature: start 50º High 85º Wildlife count: Pronghorn Year List: 331 Birds: House Sparrows, Red-tailed Hawk, Swainson’s Hawk, Common Raven, Black-billed Magpie, Eurasian Collared-Dove We didn’t leave this morning till almost 8:30 and had a lovely drive through the sagebrush, foothills and valleys coated with golden and orange aspens. What beauty! When we got to...

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