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Jul 9, 2013 - Fredonia, NY; Lake Erie State Park

July 9, 2013, Tuesday We arrived at Lake Erie State Park today which is near Fredonia, New York where my cousin, Paul Miller and his wife, Darlene, live. The RV space we were in was right at the edge of Lake Erie. (It looks like an ocean!) When we arrived there was a cottontail rabbit munching on the grass in our space. Paul and I went around to several local cemeteries where my ancestors and family were buried. There was also a "Scott Hill Road" which is where some of the original Scott and Hill family farms were located. We got to see...

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2013 USA Trip

Apr 19, 2009 - Fredonia, NY

Sunday April 19…11:15pm It was only an hours drive from Erie, PA to Fredonia, NY. We found the ballpark with no problem. Temperature was about 55F (12C) and it started off sunny, but it got cloudy and cooler as the day went on. Alex’s team lost the first game 4-7 and the second game 4-6. We did NOT see them playing at their best. They made 7 errors in the first game! Alex didn’t play in either game. He’s not getting a lot of playing time because the team is actually quite good (though you wouldn’t know it from todays performance!) and he’s...

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Jul 7, 2008 - Lake Erie/Fredonia, NY

We've been busy with family so will do one entry for our ten day stay on Lake Erie. To keep you from getting totally bored, from now on our entries will be more like "cliff notes". If you want "the rest of the story", just let us know and we'll give you more in-depth details. The bad, the ugly, then the good. 6/27 arrived at Lake Erie State Park; they said they had a site for us. BAD: Site wasn't big enough and wasn't solid - just grass; UGLY: rig got stuck - park manager and employees dug 4 deep pits, filled them with gravel to get...

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