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Nov 25, 2012 - All Packed

We packed both vehicles to the hilt and all Dad's belongings are set to go when he is. It looks now to be Monday but this is a moving target. Yesterday Shirley and Herta baked cookies and Dad and I went Walmarting for some slacks and sun glasses which the doctor says he needs to wear whenever he is outside. Continued prayers please as patience is getting thin all around. Enjoy the pics.

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Nov 24, 2012 - A Grand(pa) send off

After continuing to work getting Dad's life possessions packed up for Florida and finalizing address changes the neighbors threw him a going away party. Dad has forever embraced the changing demographics of his neighborhood. He boasts that there are 9 different nationalities on their block who are first generation Americans. This part of LI is very expensive and the per capita income is quite high as it must be when property taxes measure 5 digits. For years Dad has set up and monitored watering systems, cut tree limbs, talked to kids and...

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Nov 23, 2012 - Ticking Down

We continued to work on the house. I took Dad's remaining items left in the basement closets and cleaned out the two out buildings, everything is at the curb. Lutz came and drained all the water from the house while Shirley worked on clothing. We did take time out for a very nice Thanksgiving dinner at Tony's family home. We were graciously and warmly welcomed to this area of LI that was hit even harder (if you can imagine) than Dad and Herta's neighborhood. We are shooting for a Sunday departure with Shirley driving the little truck with...

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Nov 21, 2012 - Pennies from heaven

The Home Owner policy inspector came yesterday and by 7 PM he told me what that part of the policy would pay. WOW! We really didn't expect much since the flood insurance is the biggest payer but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and how the inspector worked with us. Shirley continued to pack stuff up at the house and those things people do not want will go to Goodwill. Dad had TWO flat tires yesterday from nails that are all over the place. We went and got 4 new tires and an oil change for the pending trip down south. I had two...

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Nov 20, 2012 - Wrapping up

The final inspector is coming today, the Home Owners Policy guy. It has been a struggle getting someone assigned. Once that is done we can expect to find out how much the insurance will pay. FEMA turned down our application following that inspection Sunday. If the insurance settlement does not seem to be enough, Margo can refile with FEMA. Thanksgiving is coming up and Dad is thinking about leaving on Sunday or perhaps Monday. I am looking into a small Uhaul trailer and with our truck we can pack up a few things to move with. It is really...

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Nov 19, 2012 - Third time is a charm

We are now in our third place for sleeping since arriving on the scene. Dad's next door neighbor Barbara is the latest to house the vagabonds. She lost everything in her basement and back porch but has all the utilities and it is very nice of her to house us. Herta and Dad's friend Astrida has been wonderful but with the length of time they stayed and then we moved in, it was really getting to be too much. Not sure how long we are staying but we will be here at least through Thanksgiving and no longer than 12/1. It is really up to Dad when...

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Nov 18, 2012 - Not sure it can get much worse

Yesterday was a very difficult day. We all took Herta to visit a beautiful assisted living home. Dad, Herta, Margo, Shirley and I were there. Dad was encouraged that they had an apartment that could allow them to stay together pending a psychological exam of both plus some other things. One rule is that if the person is deemed to have a certain level of Alzheimer disease they must go to to the memory center of this home and the spouse cannot come. As expected Herta was not a candidate for the two people apartment. That was tough because Dad...

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Nov 17, 2012 - Life decisions

We made it back from PA with little traffic, even in NYC which is a plus. Serious discussion and looming decisions need to be made by Dad. Today we met with the insurance company and the remediation folks and it went as well as it could. Dad and Herta will never get back in the house. We are all taking Herta to visit an assisted living home that specializes in Alzheimer patients. Then the big decision of leaving needs to be made by Dad. There are many who want him. We have taken our downstairs apartment off the market as an option for him....

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Nov 15, 2012 - Frustrating Joy

No pics today once again computer problems and I did not take pics with my phone. Yesterday was a frustration with finding dead ends with everything I touched until about 9 pm. we received a call from Allstate Flood and we have an inspector coming Saturday morning and just a few minutes ago, as we were trying to get out to PA for a couple of days, we got a call from FEMA. They are coming Sunday morning! So the balls are in play and Dad and I should be able to visit with Lutz for an overnight coming back tomorrow afternoon. This is a good...

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Nov 14, 2012 - Hard at work

No big news from yesterday but I did get gutted pics of the lower level of the house, I spoke with FEMA and unknown to us they are sending a rather large check to cover living expenses for an additional two months. I continue to work with the remediation company and was finally able to put all my scratch notes into readable documents one for Allstate and one for FEMA. This will allow Herta's grand daughter to take over as seamlessly as possible when we leave. Thanksgiving is approaching and we just are not sure when we can leave. It will...

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Nov 13, 2012 - Slow progress

I felt like was back working again in corporate America. Two phones working. Talking with FEMA and Allstate. Checking voice mails and changing a work order on the fly. Actually, it was a very successful day of getting the process moving forward. We now know that Allstate Flood will be out to do the assessment late in the week. In a couple of weeks FEMA will be out as well and Allstate again for the homeowners portion. We got on the phone with the remediation company and had their work order changed to demolition vs. drilling another well,...

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Nov 12, 2012 - Not undefeated anymore

After our morning visit to the ER with Dad I found a sports bar to settle in with football. From my seat at the bar I had the Falcons game right in front of me with the Giants game to my left and the Bills game to my right. Sitting next to me was a Bills fan and the two guys standing behind me were Bills fans as well. During breaks in the action we had fun talking Bills history as I was at one time a huge Buffalo fan. Anyway the Falcons lost and are no longer undefeated and the Giants plus the Bills lost too.. A good time was had by all and...

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