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Jul 17, 2014 - Adirondacks

We left Vermont by taking the ferry to Fort Ticonderoga. It was a 7 minute ride on a cable pulled ferry that dropped us near the fort in NY. We didnt tour the fort as we were ready to get on to the Adirondacks. Bill had been to the Adirondacks as a kid and I had never been so we headed toward Raquette lake.The lakes in the region are beautiful and we stopped to camp at Eighth Lake. We had bought fresh corn and had found chanterelles so we had a feast!

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Jul 16, 2009 - Thursday

Thursday 7/16/2009 There was a little bit of rain overnight and it is overcast this morning, maybe even a few sprinkles this morning. But it was another good night for sleeping. I believe the plan for today because of the weather is to visit the Adirondack Museum and stay out of the rain. The museum was really good we spent at least 6 hours there today and I think we at least saw almost all of it. Now we are having a supper of leftovers so that those that want to can go and see the bears again. It turned out to be a very nice day even...

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Jul 15, 2009 - Wednesday

Wednesday 7/15/2009 It was almost 9 when the camp started to stir this morning. But the sun was out bright and the temperature was on the rise. We had our first simple breakfast of cereal and donuts and pastry. Elizabeth did do some hot cinnamon swirl bread and apple filling campfire pies. The kids were soon in their bathing suits and Eric, Elizabeth, Ariannah, and Alexus headed for the water park. The rest of us took the opportunity to cleanup and rearrange things around camp. Kevin decided it was a good day to ride on the Harley so he...

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Jul 14, 2009 - Tuesday

Tuesday 7/14/09 Well it was 54 in the MH when we got up this morning but we all bundled up and got outside around the fire right away. Elizabeth had breakfast started, Bacon, hash browns, toast and cheese omelets, a very good breakfast. After a little talking around the fire we all went our own ways. Art, Kevin and I went to town to the store for some food, and to look at kayaks and canoes. We went out the back road and picked up some more firewood also. Bonnie and the girls went shopping, and Eric and Elizabeth went to Inlet to check out...

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Jul 13, 2009 - Monday

Monday 7/13/09 We had a great nights sleep again. It got down to the low 50’s in the MH I even ran the furnace to warm up Lexi a little. Elizabeth got breakfast started by 8:30, French toast, sausage, fried ham, donuts, good coffee and milk. Eric got a good fire going and we all gathered there to warm up after we ate. Then everyone cycled through the showers and relaxed a little. Now its time to head into Old Forge and check out a few of the stores. Art and I checked out the Old Forge Hardware, a lot like Vidlers but more camping, fishing,...

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Jul 12, 2009 - Sunday

Sunday 7/12/09 I think all had a good nights sleep and we did not get up until 8:30am. All the rain was gone and the huge puddles had disappeared. Elizabeth did not sleep in the tent last night as planned and some doubt she will. We started working on breakfast using both grills. Bacon and eggs on one and pancakes on the other. There was also cantaloupe and donuts so there was plenty to eat. It was around 10:30 when we finished and cleaned up. We also ran the generators for the morning charge of the batteries. You can only run them 9-11 and...

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Jul 11, 2009 - First Day

We left home around 9:00am headed about 240 miles to the East to the Adirondack Park. We have reservations to stay at site 13 in Eighth Lake State Park. All the parks in the Adirondack Park are run by the DEC. Bonnie and Liz followed in the Subaru as we wanted a car and they planned to stop in Rome to shop for more food. After a stop on the thruway for Tim Horton’s for the woman we made good time to the Rome exit. We fueled up after we exited the thruway and should be set for the week. Then we took the scenic roads up to the Park through...

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Jul 10, 2009 - Almost ready to leave

The MH is partially loaded and all checked out ready for a week up at Eighth Lake near Old Forge. It is in the Adirondack Park. So we will be headed out in the morning for six night there and then two nights over near Lake George. The weather forecast does not look that bad a couple days of showers. Looking forward to relaxing and a little fishing. No cell phone coverage or internet where we are staying so will try to write something each day and then upload it when I get back or if we take a day trip and find a hotspot.

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