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Aug 12, 2019 - Gig Harbor

Check out at the KOA was 11 am. We made sure to leave no earlier than that because the projected time to Gig Harbor was an hour and a half. Our route followed the 101 to the 104 to route 3 and then 16 into Gig Harbor. We moved along until we got to the Hood Canal Bridge. The bridge is a long floating bridge with a retractable portion to allow marine traffic to pass through. We found our selves at a dead stop for a prolonged period about a half mile short of the bridge. Interestingly, traffic seemed to be moving in the opposite direction. We...

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Aug 27, 2016 - Puget Sound

Sue had a great idea today! We took a boat tour of the Harbor and the Narrows. It was a small boat capable of handling about 25 people. There were a dozen of us plus the captain and mate on board as we left their mooring behind Anthony’s Restaurant on Harborview Drive. We moved slowly through the harbor looking at sites in the town of Gig Harbor along the way. We exited the Harbor and headed into the sound and got our first view of the bridge as we rounded a point. Our guide was knowledgeable though not always a hundred per cent accurate....

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Aug 25, 2016 - Gig Harbor

Today was move day again. We headed south on I-5 through Seattle and Tacoma before turning west on route 16 to cross the Narrows Bridge. We are back at the Gig Harbor RV Resort. This is our third visit to the park. The village of Gig Harbor is one of our favorite stops. We have always enjoyed the view, the shops, and the restaurants along Harborview Road. But this time we discovered uptown Gig Harbor (at the top of the hill near route 16) where there are shopping centers, movie theaters, and more restaurants. Two years ago I ran the Tacoma...

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May 11, 2016 - Work & Dinner with a Great View

Today started as a work day. After breakfast Christine did laundry and I vacuumed and generally tidied up. After a week in the one place it is surprising how much stuff accumulates. After a late lunch we went into Gig Harbor and searched unsuccessfully for post cards. It seems writing and sending postcards is a lost art. Why spend money on paper and postage when you can send a limitless amount of your own photos for free on the Internet? Christine settled for a few colourful cards with envelopes. As we had driven into Gig Harbor we saw Mt....

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May 10, 2016 - Up the Coast

We were not up too early and after breakfast and putting a picnic together we left for the back roads towards Bremerton trying to keep as close to the water as practical. It was a beautiful day and reached +27 by the time we got home. We were able to stop at several places to allow Christine to take photos. It was calm and a really beautiful day. We stopped at a pull out by a beach for lunch where we could look across Puget Sound to Seattle. It was very clear and we saw several ferries and sailboats and one large container ship...

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May 9, 2016 - Round the Hood Canal

We had breakfast and prepared a picnic then set off north and drove to the east side of the Hood Canal which is not a canal, but a long inlet or fjord. It reminded me of the sea locks in Scotland, Loch Long or Loch Fyne. We drove round the canal admiring the views. Unfortunately, the places where it was appropriate to stop did not have good views, so Christine was disappointed in her inability to capture the scenery. We went round by Union, Hoodsport, Quilicene to Poulsbo where we stopped at Safeway and got the few groceries we needed and...

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May 8, 2016 - Goodbye & Back to Gig Harbor

We rose later and went down to have breakfast with several of the CeIF board who were still here. We finished packing and took what little luggage we had to the truck and checked out. We then sat and talked with several couples before we all walked over to the nearby ferry terminal where we said our goodbyes and they boarded the ferry. We went outside and watched it sail away. We walked along the front and one of the streets overlooking the sea. I walked out on a bridge that Christine and the ladies had crossed yesterday and took a few...

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May 5, 2016 - Exploring Gig Harbor

We lay in for a while this morning. The first day we have not had to be up to travel for almost a week. We had breakfast and I took one of the propane tanks to be filled. We set off to explore Gig Harbor. We drove round then parked and walked along admiring the views over the water. We drove round to the other side of the bay and eventually found a parking spot and walked back to the waterside and along the main street till we found a bakery Christine had noticed as we drove past. We each had a very filling sandwich and watched the constant...

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May 4, 2016 - Arriving at Gig Harbor

The morning dawned much brighter than last night and we set broke camp and set off along the I90 towards Seattle. The road was not too busy and there were several lane closures, but they only slowed us a little. We skirted the city and came through Tacoma before heading north on the Olympic Peninsula. We arrived here in Gig Harbor and set up camp in a campground which we discovered was built up a fairly steep hill. Fortunately we are near the bottom, so it is not too bad. We had lunch and read for a while then had a walk round the...

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Jul 17, 2015 - Gig Harbor, WA

Saturday July 25th Update: More photos added to Gig Harbor, WA. ******************************************************************************* Yesterday we made a nice 2+ hour run up to the Seattle area and arrived at Gig Harbor RV Resort just after 1:00pm. You would not think that being in a major metro area as Seattle/Tacoma is there would be an RV Park that is secluded in a forest of pines. Great so far and are putting a list of places together we want to visit. More updates when we have them during our 1 week stay.

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Aug 6, 2014 - Music at Gig Harbor

Two years ago, when we were in Gig Harbor, we went to an outdoor concert in a small park beside the harbor. Sue danced and danced to the rock and roll music of a band called, “The Beatniks.” We were pleased to learn that the concert series was on again this year and Sue set out two lawn chairs to reserve our space for last night’s band. We picked a small restaurant with a harbor view but then decided that it would be better to get our food “to go” and eat at the park. We enjoyed the view while we waited for them to prepare the take out. We...

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Aug 2, 2014 - Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon

Yesterday we had a unique movie experience. The last time we were in Gig Harbor we saw two movies at the Grand Cinema in Tacoma, a small non-profit theater that plays independent films. This time we went to see a more mainstream film, “Begin Again”. What made the experience unique is that the film never played! Something broke and they were unable to show the movie. We did manage a really good pizza at Puget Sound Pizza, a block away from the theater. I had a good time today running in my first legitimate race since we left Florida. Nearly...

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