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Dec 15, 2007 - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a pretty cool city. It is described as the "Paris" of South America. And although that may be true, I imagine it is more like paris after one of it's recent riots. Definitely oozing with character, but pretty rough around the edges. The area we stayed was called San Telmo, and I imagine it can be likened to "The Village" of new York City before the invasion of yuppies. Great cafes and cool shops at e corner. Not too many yuppies in Argentina, so I think this area is safe from Starbucks, juicebars and Applebees for a good...

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Nov 4, 2007 - I'm back in BA

BA, still a great city. A mix of the developed and undevloped worlds. Mum thinks it looks like Bangkok, but is clean where Donna thinks its looks more like Warsaw. (I think it looks like BA) All the people here run on South Pacific Time, it happens when it happens. Don't rush them. The service is great, if you get any. Took Donna, a non meat eater to a Steak house, she loved the steak. The coffee is still shit. Went out to a resturant last night and desert was flaming. Was kewl. The wine, the wine is great and did I mention cheap. For $20...

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Sep 29, 2007 - Preface Entry (You Maybe asking why Argentina?)

Obviously...when making a decision on a vacation destination, one takes into account a multitude of factors. Adele and I had decided we wanted an epic trip but were unclear on where we wanted to go. The good thing was that the two of us were pretty much open to anywhere in the world...except maybe Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or the Sudan for obvious reasons. We batted around the idea of returning to either Thailand or Costa Rica...but eventually came to our senses as we've been to both. The worlds a pretty big place...so we needed to see...

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Sep 16, 2007 - Back in Buenos Aires for the day

We spent a lovely afternoon at the Sunday antiques fair in San Telmo, watching street tango and other performers, listening to music, drinking submarinos, and enoying the atmosphere. Now we're waiting for our bus to Corboda, and looking forward to a night on a bus :)

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Dec 29, 2006 - New Years eve in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires I spent a few days with my "Argentine brother", Fernando and my "Argentine parents" Adriana & Horacio. They let me spend New Years Eve with them, which was very lovely. I would have so hated to spend New Years Eve alone again, like in Lívingston, Guatemala last year. Fernando introduced me to his girlfriend, Elina, and they've now been dating quite some time. She's really lovely and I told Fernando so, and that he should try to hold onto her :-) Then we drove around Buenos Aires, he showed me where the Brazilian Embassy,...

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