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Feb 5, 2011 - Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Dawn in Puerto La Cruz finds us in the somewhat run down bus station. The extreme change in country conditions from quite modern, western, Brazil/Uruguay to the more C. America look of Venezuela is a bit disconcerting. We have gotten spoiled albeit expensively, the past 5 months in S. S. America! Here the dogs are once again barely alive, skin and bone, tails between legs/cowering, the roads lined with litter, and the buildings seemingly built and just left to gradually crumble away - maintenance is not very often seen. Not many new...

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Dec 17, 2007 - Puerto La Cruz

We gave ourselves 3 days to get to Guiria, buy our Ferry tickets, and catch the ferry to Trinidad - but it started to go awry pretty much immediately!! There was no space on any bus heading towards Guiria from Cuidad Bolivar, so after a lot of searching, we settled for a bus to Puerto La Cruz, which is at least on the north coast! We arrived at 1am, and the room we'd reserved had gone - reserving by 'phone doesn't work in Venezuela! Looking lost and refusing to go away does tho, so we got a room. Our other tiny problem was that we had no...

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Dec 3, 2007 - Puerto La Cruz

gisteren was het referendum over de nieuwe grondwet, daarom zijn we de hele zondag aant zwembad blijven liggen. Er was toch niks open in de stad. vandaag namen we de bus naar Puerto La Cruz, een toeristische stad aan de kust. We dachten dat er daar veel ambiance ging zijn, maar helaas... We kwamen wel de uitslag van het referendum te weten door een hele kolonne wagens die luid toeterend door de straten reden en waarop in tgroot NO stond. De dag erop vertrokken we naar Playa Colorado. Ook daar was er niet zoveel te beleven maar hebben we ons...

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