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Jan 11, 2005 - Halong Bay - rockformations

We were told that Halong Bay (beaches and rock formations, normally a must in the northern part of Vietnam), was not worth seeing during the wintertime, so we only went there on a one-day-trip, which seemed to be reasonable, because the mist made it impossible to comprehend the beauty of the area. So my advice to anyone going to Vietnam is only to see the northern part in the summertime. Anything else is a waste of time.

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Dec 23, 2004 - Halong Bay - Boats here, there and everywhere!

While Sa Pa was an energetic trip out of Hanoi, Ha Long Bay was quite the opposite. Boarding a boat for 2 days and admiring the scenery doesn't seem exactly taxing! As with most traveling within Vietnam, it's normally easier and cheaper to book a tour at the numerous tour companies in Hanoi than travel independently. In this instance we relented and booked a tour around Ha Long Bay and it proved to be a worthwhile decision. The traffic in Hanoi comprises of bikes and cars but no buses, except the public kind. We found out why when we were...

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Dec 13, 2004 - Halong Bay Boat Trip

I signed up for a two-day trip to Halong Bay the day before. Halong Bay is (again) a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it's famous for its beautiful limestone mountains in the bay. The bus arrived at the port around lunch time, and after having lunch at a restaurant there, we boarded the boat. The port was full of boats just like ours, to take tourists out on the bay. The boat was fairly large and comfortable. The top deck had deck chairs to lounge around in, the main deck had tables and chairs and was large enough to hold at least 50...

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Dec 9, 2004 - Hanoi, Viet Nam...Cat Ba Is.

We arrived here and found the Old Town very beautiful and accomodating. After a night in somewhat uncomfortable lodgings we moved to another guesthouse which was cheaper and better. Still four of us(Bon,Mari,Tim,Todd), but Bon is keeping in touch with Jake and he has things worked out to join us. We have done a lot of business, email, photo devel., CD's made, walking about to get the lay of the land...3-4 lakes here (actually, great cement walled ponds), did walking tour, and went to the famous Water Puppet Show! On the 9th we left to go...

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Nov 28, 2004 - Vietnam / Halong Bay

Vanuit Hanoi een tweedaagse tocht naar Halong Bay geregeld. Het bleek dat het goedkoper was om dit via een reisburo te regelen dan het zelf te ondernemen. We hadden een perfecte boot waar normaal 14 mensen op gaan, maar wij waren maar met z'n vieren. Super mooie omgeving waar we lekker hebben rondgevaren, grotten bezocht, lekker met de kano op pad geweest. Op de boot overnacht.

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Nov 10, 2004 - All Hail the Conqueror!

Yay! I did it! I finally sat down at one of the stalls on the street for a meal! Cause you see there are all these little stalls which are a table about 18" high with little plastic kiddies chairs, and no menus. I have been meaning to eat at one of these for days but keep chickening out. Tonight however I was determined and after walking past ones where all I could see was offal and chickens feet I sat down and had the best chicken noodle soup that 60c could buy! Its intimidating to eat here because I dont speak the language, and there are...

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Sep 15, 2004 - Halong Bay

Hello, A very brief update as I'm starving (I haven't eaten much yet today due to some pretty nasty side effects of the malaria tablets). More photos and a more detailed update will follow in the coming days. We've spent the last couple of days in Halong Bay, which has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too. The bay is massive and full of hundreds of strange shaped islands/mountains that rise out of the sea. These were apparently formed when a lucky dragon dropped hundreds of pearls into the water to create islands to...

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Jun 6, 2004 - Halong Bay & Cat Ba Island (Vietnam)

Our Halong Bay trip was one of slow pace and relaxation--a pleasant escape from the activity of Hanoi. We set out on a "junk", as they're called (although it wasn't really a junk at all, having small bedrooms on one floor, a nice dining area on the next, and, on the roof, a great place to layout and watch the scenery around us unfold.) As we set out from the mainland, we eagerly watched as we neared the maze of towering limestone karsts. The day was sunny, hot and humid, but being out on the water made all the difference, as the lively...

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May 19, 2004 - Halong Bay and Cat-ba island

Halong bay was created when the great dragon thrashed its tail. Or so they say. The thousands of limestone islands and the grottos make this place a ready made Bond film set. My trip consisted of a 4hr minibus journey (3 stops: coffee, lunch and wheel change), 3 hour boat trip, overnight stay on Cat-ba island, 4hr boat trip, another lunch then back to Hanoi.

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