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Dec 25, 2017 - Christmas Greetings

Rough seas hit us again for a few hours on Friday and carried on throughout the night. However, it was calm by the time we dropped anchor on Saturday morning at Nha Trang in Vietnam. At Nha Trang we had to use the tender boats to get ashore and we were fortunate enough to get on a small group tour, altogether eight of us from the ship. The tour took in the Ponagar Cham Towers, a group of temples built by the Cham people about 1,200 years ago. We also took a drive through the town of Nha Trang and along its beaches. Then we took a boat trip...

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Jun 23, 2017 - Vietnam

It is fairly expensive for a U.S. citizen to get a visa into Vietnam. Somehow the ship had arrange, for $6, to get us a visa that allowed us to enter Vietnam for the day twice! The first stop in Vietnam was the port nearest Saigon. Give that we were a group of 10 and given that it is difficult for us to load everyone in and out, we made arrangements with the ship to have a van and driver for us. I suspect we paid a lot more than we would have if we had just arranged it with a local tour operator, but they provided a guide who spoke...

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Jan 5, 2017 - Hoi An / Danang / Nha Trang

4 Really nice days in Hoi An, very touristy but cold beer and banh mi (baguette filled with pate, vegetables and spices) abound. Cycling and walking everywhere. Hoi An is a lovely mix of ancient Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese architecture overlaid with 19th century French, all of which makes it a really pretty town particularly along the Thu Bon River. We’ve all got into a nice rhythm, Peter the tour guide, I’m in charge of kitty and Kim just relaxing. The fabulous rooms (upgraded to their traditional bungalows!!) also help our mood, with the...

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Trip Journal

The Almost Posh Tour

Feb 26, 2016 - Nha Trang

We spend 12 uncomfortable hours on an overnight sleeper bus, where there's not quite enough room in my bed and no way of getting to the toilet without squashing the man sleeping in the aisle beneath me. But we make it to Nha Trang. Desperate for sleep, we are allowed to check into our guesthouse early...we crawl straight into bed. We wake up to find it's not quite the seaside resort we had envisaged. In fact the day is looking quite stormy but as it isn't raining we take ourselves to the beach. We even brave the waves to swim in the South...

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Sep 29, 2015 - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Because of Typhoon Dujuan, the ship itinerary was changed so Pete ended up visiting Vietnam instead of Okinawa, Japan, which was what was originally scheduled. Things were fine where they were, although Dujuan appears to have done lots of damage in Taiwan, where 3 people were killed and more than 300 were injured, mostly by flying debris. He had a fine visit in Vietnam and things are going well.

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Sep 20, 2015 - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Pete checked in from Nha Trang, where he had a nice visit with some of his friends from the ship, seeing the town and getting something to eat. Tourism is the primary income source for Nha Trang so they are probably glad to have a huge ship full of visitors stop in periodically! Also included with the pictures of Nha Trang are a couple of pictures from the ship taken in the past couple days.

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Aug 21, 2015 - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Pete had a nice visit in Nha Trang but did not have time to leave the ship because of his rehearsal and drill schedule. The weather is nice there with temperatures in the upper 80's most days. Nha Trang is known for its beaches and scuba diving. The ship is staying in the Viet Nam area for a few days to avoid the typhoons.

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Apr 17, 2015 - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Pete checked in before they visited Nha Trang and things were fine. David, the Music Director, returned from his vacation, which relieves Pete of some of his responsibility but not really too much of his work. All of the musicians leaving the shift left as scheduled and all of the new musicians arrived in a timely fashion, so there were no emergencies involving the changes. Pete was a little disappointed that, because of the necessity for leaving the ship via tender boats in the port of Nha Trang, the crew had been notified that they would...

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Apr 8, 2015 - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Today we took a shuttle into Nha Trang one of Vietnam’s most popular seaside resorts with over five miles of white sand beaches with a back drop of mountains. Nha Trang was the capital of the once powerful Champa Kingdom that once controlled what is now central and southern Vietnam for over 13 centuries. We walked to the Central Market which was packed with the same stuff you see at every other market but it was fun to walk through. We left the market after Gerry bought himself a “Polo” shirt and our friends bought some souvenirs for the...

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Feb 11, 2014 - Final days on Vinpearl.

We so thoroughly enjoyed our last days at Vinpearl. We took a day Bay tour, once again with Victor. Went snorkelling over two reef areas. Glorious colours of fish and corals. Had a morning tea at a floating fishing village shop. We ate, and enjoyed, a sea urchin. They scramble an egg, add spring onion, and put it in the urchin then barbecue over charcoal. The egg mix coats the walls ... no fishy taste at all, and you use a spoon to scrape down the walls ... was very tasty. We then went on to a bayside restaurant for a seafood buffet lunch...

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Feb 8, 2014 - Vinpearl Luxury, Hon Tri Island, Vietnam.

After breakfast, I headed to the Spa centre for my full-body massage. They put me in the Sauna first, but will not do that again. Much too hot, for me. I had Li for the massage, and it lasted 90 minutes....... felt like a new, young woman after that pampering!!! We had nothing else booked for today, so got a tuk-tuk to the Resort, had a look at the hotel, pool and beach, then climbed the mountain steps up to the Pagoda on the mountain top. Was stuffed when we got there, then had to put on the 'uniform' as I had a sleeveless top on, so I...

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Feb 7, 2014 - City tour with Tung (aka Victor) and superb driver

Had the best foot massage with Li at 1000 then by 1130 we were ready for our ferry trip to mainland to meet our Tour Guide, Victor, along with our driver, for our City Tour. Just the two of us, so was great. First to the Oceanography Museum, then to the Temple where we bought our two-sided sand picture, followed by lots of climbing up to the Buddha atop the Pagoda. Finally a walk through the Cam Market ... mind-blowing in size and what is sold in there, quite apart from the scooters riding through the narrow aisles as well!!! Finally to a...

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