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Dec 24, 2009 - Hoi An to Quang Ngai

Well Hoi An has been the highlight so far. It is a beautiful village with fantastic restaurants and local craft shops. It is also renowned for its tailors so Nikki got a few work clothes made up while we were there. (two pairs of pants and two shirts made from scratch in about five hours.)After an enjoyable break from the bike in Hoi An we jumped on the bikes early yesterday and rode about 60kms. Our tour included a visit to the village of My Lai where American troops infamously killed more than 400 civilian villagers (including children...

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Oct 8, 2009 - Getting to Quang Ngai

Getting to Quang Ngai On the way we stopped at a small memorial site of the American War/Vietnam War (depending on where you are!) It was were the whole village was burned to the ground and all but 3 villages were murder. I was 1 at the time (scary); they have a plague will the names and ages of the people, 8 of them were babies 1 yo the same as I was. As we go through the villages the kids are great they will run to the road side and wave and scream out hello; if you say hello back some get quite shy. Have a look at the photos. Not far...

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Oct 2, 2006 - Typhoon chasing in Hoi An

Hoi An is a really cool little beach side city complete with trendy cafes and bars that actually play good music, custom tailor shops that can make anything, and great art shops. We were quite disappointed to find out soon after getting there that we were going to be hammered by Typhoon Xangsane. For those of you westerners that don't know, a typhoon is the same as a hurricane, except it is formed in the North Eastern Pacific. Apparently this was the worst one of the season, and the death tolls are near 80 in the Philippines and over 40 so...

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Jan 31, 2006 - To Quang Ngai

31 January - To Quang Ngai I had planned to move on this morning as have stayed 6 nights in Hoi An. I would say that it's become one of my favourite places in Vietnam and I've left a few things to do there just in case I go back some day. Again the weather was unpleasant this morning, and my first thought was about the orphanage and whether to stay another day asnd go there. However, I thought this could carry on each day and would get harder to leave so, selfishly, I carried on with my original plans. First, I went to a restaurant for...

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Apr 22, 2005 - Am I in Benidorm?

So...Hue... Unlike Hanoi, Hue seems to have stood aside from the current frenzy....its rather quiet and a bit boring to be honest! You can cross the road easily and there are only 23 motor bike taxis in your face per minute, instead of the usual 79. It's full of lakes, canals and Royal Mausoleums and millions (i mean millions) of tombs and temples! If I see another tomb or temple............. So, after seeing enough temples for one lifetime and getting lost in the city on the one night I had there...where I saw more god damn temples I hadnt...

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