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Feb 4, 2005 - Sapa comme ca fait du bien la montagne

Sapa!!!! Faut etre motive dans ce pays pour eviter de passer par leur excursions a touristes!!!! On commence par aller a la gare... normal. on demande un billet de train... normal. y a plus de place . pourquoi pas , nous sommes en pleine fete du nouvel an. on s asseoit essayant de modifier le programme qu on s etait fixe pour le nord. Sur ce 2 francais debarquent pour changer de billet pour la meme date que nous. Comme par hasard la petite dame du guichet leur trouve de la place. Notre tete ne doit pas lui revenir. on ne se demonte pas, on...

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Jan 7, 2005 - Sa Pa

While based in Hanoi, we took a night train up to Sa Pa, the coldest city in Vietnam...we got lucky and had one beautiful day (sweaters and pants) and one freezing day (touques, gloves and every shirt we brought!). High in the mountains and close to the Chinese border, Sa Pa used to be a hill station but is now a tourist destination known for its ethnic market. The far north of Vietnam is mostly wild and inaccessible, but is sparsely populated by a mosaic of ethnic minorities - the people of these villages come into Sa Pa to buy, sell and...

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Jan 6, 2005 - Sapa - mountains

You could ask yourself "why why why, did I even think of going to Sapa: the coldest and most foggy place in Vietnam", but the answer is obvious, since Sapa is the home place for the highest mountain in Vietnam: Fansipan which is 3143 m. high - a bit higher than the highest "mountain" in Denmark, Himmelbjerget with its 147 m. We got to see some of the minorities in Vietnam, especially the Black Hmoung hill tribes. The hill tribes of this area share a rural agricultural lifestyle, lives in primitive huts and many of them speak their own...

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Dec 21, 2004 - Sapa - Trekking through tribal villages

After the craziness and heat of Hanoi we were really looking forward to the comparative peace and quiet of Sa Pa, near the Chinese border and largely inhabited by the Black H'mong tribe that can be seen along the horizontal stretch of land from Myanmar (Burma) to Vietnam. The journey to Sa Pa involved a night train to a small town called Lao Cai, followed by a bus ride to Sa Pa. Unsure as to what to expect from the Vietnamese trains, we arrived at the train station in darkness. A smiley old man immediately assumed responsibility for us as...

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Dec 7, 2004 - Sapa

Vi havde taget nattoget fra Hanoi til Sapa og allerede der moedte vi en anden side af Vietnam. Vi foelte os floejet ca. 60 aar tilbage i tiden til en fransk kolonialbanegaard, hvor menneskeren har deres ejendele i kasser og saekke. Sapa er grundlagt af franskmaende som smukt ferieby. Det baerer den tydelig praeg af, masse af plads paa vejen og omkring husene og generelt en mindre fattigdom end i Hanoi. Men det var koldere, her fik vi brug for vores varme toej. Om aftenen fortroed vi at vi ikke havde taget et vaerelse med pejs. Ved 8 graders...

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Dec 1, 2004 - Vietnam / Sapa

We zijn met de nachttrein naar Lao Cai gegaan en vandaar met een minibusje naar Sapa. In de ochtend van de eerste dag in Sapa begonnen aan onze trekking door rijstvelden. Vandaag hebben wij ongeveer 18 km. gelopen en een aantal H'mong bergplaatsjes bezocht. We hebben de nacht doorgebracht bij een Dzay familie in een bergdorpje. Op dag twee weer een goed stuk gelopen en een aantal dorpjes gezien. Met een oude Russiche legerjeep weer terug naar Sapa en s' avonds een lokale dansvoorstelling bekeken. Onze laatste dag in Sapa hebben wij de...

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Nov 14, 2004 - Sapa

Suis a Sapa pres de la frontiere chinoise depuis vendredi matin. C'est un village (en passe de devenir une ville vu la vitesse a laquelle il se developpe) qui a une architecture qui fait penser aux Alpes et ou les habitants des villages de minorites alentours viennent vendre leurs produits aux touristes. Les touristes eux sont ici pour faires des treks et voir les villages en question ou l'autre moitie des villageois les attendent pour leurs vendre leur couvertures, bracelet, etc Peu y reste plus de 2 jours a moins d'etre un mordu de treks,...

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Nov 7, 2004 - Sapa, a land of.....damn, this Vietnamese coffee has killed my attention span!

I am writing from Sapa, up near the Chinese border. I just had probably the strongest coffee in my life, I asked for it white which means they put about a table spoon of sweetened condensed milk in it, then I had to ask for them to fill the mug with hot water, as it was about 1/3 full of restretto thickness coffee. So forgive me if this entry is a little wired! Sapa is incredibly beautiful, and the home of many ethnic minorities such as the h'mong and dzao people. They are incredibly poor and live in little huts like you see in world vision...

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Jun 10, 2004 - Trekking & Hilltribes (Sapa, Vietnam)

Wow! This was definitely the highlight of our trip so far, so I feel compelled to try to describe just how amazing it was to you... We took at night train from Hanoi up to Sapa. Even though we were sticky, gross and groggy after our night on the train, when we found ourselves among lush, green mountains encircled by mist, we realized that we would extend our stay from four to six days to be sure we could experience as much of this paradise as possible. Our first day, we just did a day trek to get a feel for the place. Then, the next day, we...

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